Run for the Arts 2014

The HCA, ESL Theater and the Hopkinton Community Endowment (HCE) are very grateful for the eight runners who are helping us raise funds to support visual and performing arts programming and construction of the new arts center! All donations are tax deductible and can be made through the payment interfaces below or by check payable to the HCA.

Scott Burns picScott Burns

Running has always been apart of my life.  Whether it was watching my father go out for his morning runs as a child or while I was going through an 80lb weight loss.  Now that I am a personal trainer and fitness manager of Boston sports club in Wellesley I use running to help people achieve their fitness goals.  Last year I happened to be at the marathon during all of the craziness. It then became even more surreal, as I lived in Watertown running the Watertown Boston sports club. Because of all this I feel extremely connected to this year’s marathon. Running it is goal I have always had.

Scott has raised $3,746 so far! To donate to the HCE in Scott’s name, click below:

Scott Burns

“Keep running skinny.” – Steven Levitt


KelliePrince pic

Kellie Prince

I am so honored, humbled, and excited to be a part of the 2014 Boston Marathon team! Running the Boston Marathon has been a goal of mine for many years, but now I have a deeper, more personal reason for running. The tragedy of last year’s events at the finish line touched us all.  As a lifelong Boston Marathon spectator, runner, and Bostonian, it shook my world spiritually and emotionally. Trying not to focus on the negative, it motivated me to be a stronger runner and more importantly, a stronger person. Though I have been running half marathons for several years, I have spent the past year running more races for greater causes.  I made a vow that if there was some way that I could play a small part in the greater good of this year’s marathon, I would commit myself to doing so. I am beyond grateful to the Hopkinton Center for the Arts for helping me make good on my promise! Thank you all for your love and support and I hope you will root me on to the finish line of my very first Boston Marathon April 21st!

Kellie has raised $2,685 so far! To donate to the HCA in Kellie’s name, click below:

Kellie Prince


kristina Kristina MacPherson

Running has always been a major part of my life. I recall participating in my 1st 10k at 8 years old. While attending Boston College I ran my first Boston Marathon with my father, younger brother and a couple soccer teammates. I have since completed 21 marathons, 6 of those being Boston.
Last year was the 1st year I ran Boston as a resident of Hopkinton. We moved here 4 years ago and this past year my husband began teaching in the school system. We have enjoyed all of the benefits Hopkinton has to offer and I am excited and honored to be given this opportunity to give back to the community.
My husband, Chris, also ran last year, participating in his 1st marathon. While we were both fortunate enough to finish, we were still at the buses retrieving our belongings when confusion arose. There are no words I can use to describe my sense of fear, anger, and loss for what those events brought. As such this year the marathon has significant meaning to me as a runner. I will stand at that starting line in Hopkinton with pride and run across the finish line with my husband to stand strong against the adversity last year’s event brought to so many. I am grateful to participate in this marathon and support such a great cause, specifically, the Hopkinton Community Endowment.
Thank you for your support and contribution!

Kristina has raised $2,953 so far! To donate to the HCE in Kristina’s name, click below:

Kristina MacPherson


Joe runningDr. Joseph Maruszczak

Throughout my 30’s and 40’s I have run in dozens of races- 5Ks, 10Ks, 10 milers, and half marathons- but in the past year I have stepped it up a bit as I competed in 27 different races in 2013. For many years I have had the desire to complete a marathon, but I feel a special calling to this year’s Boston Marathon to be my first marathon. My youngest daughter, Molly, and I were at the finish line during last year’s marathon. I very much want to be a part of the celebration of the strength and resiliency of our region that I know the 2014 Boston Marathon will be. I serve as Superintendent of Schools in the neighboring Mendon-Upton Regional School District. Many of our children participate in the wonderful programs that the Hopkinton Center for the Arts offers. I feel honored and privileged that the HCA is giving me the opportunity to model two of my core values as an educator: a commitment to lifelong fitness and support for the arts. Thank you for your support of my dream and the HCA!

Joe has raised $5,835 so far! To donate to the HCA in Joe’s name, click below:

Joe Maruszczak

“So run, Joey run, Joey run!” xoxoxo so happy you chose an arts organization – Christina Del Sesto

“Best of luck!” – Jacqueline Prester

“Have a great time at the Marathon! Love John and Linda”

“Happy to support the arts through your hard work…beat Morel!” – Alice Gentili

“Yet another great thing you are doing for education!!! Good luck and have fun!!!” – Maria Farragher

“I’m so proud of you, Joe! You were my first running mentor, and I hope to follow in your shoes to run the Boston some day! Love, Julie”


Jenn McLJennifer McLaughlin

My love of running was reignited when I moved to New England in 2007. A friend challenged me to run a local 5 mile race, telling me that is was a nice and easy course. (Mind you, I had been running since I was 12, but never did any organized road races.) So I signed up! Well, this course was not nice and easy – it was uphill in the beginning and at the end!! But I caught the running bug.  I completed over 30 road races the next year.  In 2011, I ran my first 10K, loved the longer distance, and thought I could learn to love a longer run. Though I never thought I could conquer a half marathon, in 2012 attempted my first one and was hooked! I ran 3 that Fall and continued running longer distances. I was then offered the opportunity to join a Reach the Beach Relay team (205 miles in 24 hrs with a team of 12 runners). After those runs, I thought, wow, I could attempt a full marathon! In the fall of 2013 I ran my first full marathon and I am actually considering at doing 3-4 full marathons in 2014!

Jennifer has raised $2,217 so far! To donate to the HCA in Jennifer’s name, click below:

Jennifer McLaughlin

“For Emma and Molly…Best Friends in Heaven.” – Amy Burke


Mike MorelMike Morel

I am very excited to be part of the 2014 Boston Marathon Team for Hopkinton Center for the Arts. Ten years ago, when I met my wife, she was avid runner, and tried to get me to be the same. I would run races here and there, for the thrill of the competition, but I would train just a little and be sore for weeks afterwards, vowing never to run again. A little more than two years ago, my son Sam was born. I realized I wasn’t a very healthy person and felt a change needed to be made. I started running races and actually training for them. I felt better about myself as a runner and felt like the marathon might be an attainable goal. After last year’s tragedy, I felt helpless, but as the months passed, I resolved to run and serve as a tribute to the victims and to my city. As the Pre K-12 Music Coordinator in the Mendon-Upton Regional School District, I believe the most important values that should be instilled in young people are a love of education, commitment to one’s community, and a strong work ethic. My entire teaching career has revolved around allowing my students to realize the importance of these aspects of life. I am very honored to represent the Hopkinton Center for the Arts when I take a right on Hereford and a left on Boylston.

Mike has raised $4,332 so far! To donate to HCA in Mike’s name, click below:


Mike Morel

“Your dad made such an impact on me as a learner and was one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever met; I am sure you are doing the same for the lucky musicians in Mendon-Upton. Best of luck!!!” – Lisa S.

“Happy to support the arts through your hard work…beat Maruszczak!” – Alice Gentili

“Happy to support you and such a worthy cause.  We’ll be thinking of you on Marathon Monday.” – Barbara Harris

“Happy to support you! Wish I had your devotion.” – Beth Gervais

“Run like the wolf you are. Enjoy the run.” – Anthony Hammond

“Thank you for giving my children a musical education and reinforcing values we practice at home..Good Luck!” – Suzanne Fitzgerald

“Good Luck Mike, Mike & Moira Guigno”

Good luck Mr. Morel!!! Such a great cause. we’ll watch for you at about the 4.5 mile mark where our family has stood for years!!!” – Maria Farragher

“Make sure Sam’s there with his “Go, runners!” bunny….and thanks for the chance to support you and this year’s marathon. Christy”

“Good luck on the Run.” – Linda Gazoorian

“You are an inspiration! Happy trails on Monday!!”- Ann Marie Tremblay


Sharon R.Sharon Rodriquenz

I am a married mother of an active nine-year-old daughter. I have worked as an operating room nurse for the past eleven years. My running career began in high school on the track team. I started running road races after our daughter was born. I have run numerous 5ks, The Falmouth Road Race, New Hampshire Reach The Beach, The Tuckermans Inferno Pentathlon and the Newport Rhode Island half Marathon. The 2014 Boston Marathon will be my first marathon. I am very excited to be a part of the most prestigious marathon in the world.

Sharon has raised $4,140 so far! To donate to ESL in Sharon’s name, click below:

Sharon Rodriquenz
“It’s a disease, but it’s healthy. Good luck!” – Atif Khan

“Hope your foot feels better and you decide to run a marathon in 2015.” – Paul Lafontaine


JohannaJohanna Rogers

I discovered my love of running in college while trying to find an outlet for all the stresses of nursing school. I started off barely even able to run a single mile and now I am signing up to run my first marathon. It has always been a dream of mine to run the Boston Marathon and after what occurred last year, I knew this would be the year that I would sign up. I could not be more honored to represent and raise money for charity doing what I love. I am grateful to everyone who has supported me and who will continue to support me through the next few months.

Johanna has raised $3,600 so far! To donate to ESL in Johanna’s name, click below:

Johanna Rogers
“JoHaNa good luck!” – Atif Khan


JennWJennifer Wooldridge

When I am not working as a full time Nutritionist, part time fitness instructor or raising my 3 daughters, I enjoy running. My love of running started in college and as my children started to get older I spent my time competing in sprint triathlons, road races and half marathons. I’m training for my first full marathon and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to participate in the 2014 Boston marathon and raise money for the Hopkinton center for the Arts.
Jennifer has raised $3,570 so far! To donate to the HCA in Jennifer’s name, click below:


Jennifer Wooldridge

“Best of luck, Jennifer, from Kentucky. Love Wade and Joanne”


We are very grateful for the Marathon numbers we’ve received from the TOWN OF HOPKINTON.