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ESL Theater

ESL Theater

The Secret Doorway - Hopkinton’s Mind Reading & Magic Experience

The Secret Doorway is an astonishing evening of mind-reading with comedian, hypnotist, and sleight-of-hand artist Peter Gross. Peter uses the quick hands of a card shark, the improvisational skills of a stand-up, and a con man’s command of human psychology. Peter reveals thoughts, predicts what you’ll do next and acts as a human lie detector. The show takes you on a highly interactive, intellectual roller-coaster ride of “impossible outcomes.”

Peter has performed at the White House, The Kennedy Center, Canada’s National Theater, and on National Television. He is recognized as a master of misdirection and mentalism and Secret Doorway has been described as “the perfect date night”.

Peter is thrilled to bring the show to Hopkinton because of its history. “MetroWest has long been the home of clandestine gambling, private clubs, and secret establishments. All through the forties, fifties, and sixties MetroWest was hopping at night clubs like The Maridor, Caesar’s Monticello, where Sinatra and Liberace appeared and the Oregon Club, which was a speakeasy all through Prohibition. The Hopkinton area has always had its share of shady activities."

Friday, May 20
8:00 PM

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