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Adult Class Levels

If you are new to ceramics, we suggest that you sign up for our
NEW beginners class that starts Saturday, April 27 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.



Best for students with no prior experience or who would like to review basic concepts and techniques for a particular discipline. These classes can be taken multiple times. Intermediate students increase their knowledge of materials, improve technique, and find their artistic voice.



Best for students who have taken 4 or more classes. Intermediate students increase their knowledge of materials, improve technique, and begin to find their artistic voice. Advanced students focus on artistic voice and vision, art styles, personal themes, and advanced techniques.

Adult Open Studios

We love, that you love, ceramics! 

That is why we make the ceramic studio available to currently enrolled Adult students outside of class hours to hone their skill, practice, and build community. Adult students are eligible for 20 open studios per 16 week session and sign-ins are required. Some open studio times are not available because of holidays, weather conditions, etc. Please check with the HCA if you have a question about the studio opening. 


Sundays : 2 to 5 p.m

Mondays: 1 to 4 p.m. and 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Wednesdays: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Ceramics Program

Here at the HCA, ceramic students have the opportunity to get their hands muddy while creating everyday useful objects such as mugs, bowls, serving dishes, containers and other vessels as well as exploring the sculptural aspects of the medium. Directed by Hana Reilly, the ceramics studio welcomes students of all backgrounds and abilities. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and supportive community where individuality and life-long friendships thrive.


Our ceramics studio provides a space for students in grades 2nd through adult to explore their own visions while being inspired by both their instructors and fellow students. The studio is equipped with 10 wheels, three large hand building tables, a slab roller, an extruder, three kilns, 20+ glazes, slips, under-glazes, oxides and a plethora of hand-building and surface design tools.


Hana Reilly

Director of Ceramics

Hana has worked as a potter and educator for 15 years, teaching ceramics to adults and children at the Potter's Shop and School in Needham, Southborough Art Center and the Danforth Art Museum School in Framingham. She has sold her work in South End Holiday Market and other shows, Lacoste Gallery, Danforth Museum and the annual Primarily Potters showcase in Hopkinton. She is a graduate of the School of Arts and Crafts in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Cheska Komissar


Cheska Komissar earned her undergraduate and master’s degree in education from Boston University. She has been experimenting with creativity her whole life and has used clay as her primary medium for over 20 years. With a background in special education, Cheska believes that, given the opportunity, everyone can be creative and turn their visions into realities. She believes in using as many senses as possible and frequently stops her whistling or humming to test out the sounds of her clay.

Martha Gold

Visiting Instructor

Sectional Wheelthrowing Workshops

Martha Gold (she/her) worked as a production potter in Oregon and Connecticut from 1974 through 1987. After an eighteen year break, Martha now enjoys creating one-of-a-kind clay pieces without the pressure of production schedules. Function is still very important in her work, from kitchen and tabletop ware to Asian-inspired lanterns. Martha received a B.A. in Art History from Boston University.

Kim Lopes

Summer Fun In The Arts Instructor

Kim Lopes is a passionate educator with over a decade of classroom experience and a Master's Degree from Lesley University. As an ESL teacher for grades 5-12, Kim prioritizes fostering a growth mindset and tailoring instruction to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs. Beyond the classroom, she finds joy in quality time with her family and expresses her creativity through ceramic art, drawing inspiration from nature, travel, and whimsical characters. Kim's dedication to education and the arts makes her a vibrant ceramics teacher, enthusiastic about guiding children to discover and nurture their creative talents.

Mary Lou McKeen


Mary Lou received her BA in studio art, and then Master of Fine Arts in ceramics and printmaking.  After graduation, she set up a studio in her home. She enjoys teaching one-on-one with family members and friends.  Her passion is creating functional pottery, focusing on creating multiple pots of the same shape and size.  Additionally, she loves the challenge of developing and creating her own glazes.  She has sold at local craft fairs, and shown her works in galleries in Rochester, NY.

Samantha Andrews-Jarvis

Visiting Instructor

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Can I buy clay elsewhere to use in the studio and fire in HCA kilns?

No. Youth and teen students clay is provided with tuition. Adult students get a free 25 lbs bag of clay with their tuition. Any additional clay must be purchased at the HCA studio from our teachers. 

Adult Student Clay Fees Starting Fall 2023:

  • First Bag: Free

  • Second Bag: $15

  • Third Bag: $30

  • Fourth Bag: $45

  • Fifth Bag: $55

The price of registration and clay purchases include all firing, access to glazes and underglazes. Tools are available in the studio, however, students can bring their own tools.

Can I buy my own commercial glazes and use them in HCA kilns?

No. Our studio currently has 14 glazes to choose from. We cannot fire any outside glazes.

Can I buy my own underglazes?

Yes, however, you will have to show those to your teacher for approval, to use in our studio.

Can I use my own tools?

Yes, we encourage students to use their own tools.

Do you provide tools to use in the studio?

Yes, we have tools for you to use, however, feel free to purchase your own tools. You will be able to keep those on your shelf in the studio.

Why can’t my child take a wheelthrowing class until middle school?

Wheelthrowing requires a certain level of strength, height and maturity. Children younger than 12 can enjoy learning to handbuild with clay, creating a large variety of forms, including sculpture. Students who have experience with handbuilding will succeed on the potter’s wheel faster, when older, than students with no experience with clay.

I am not enrolled in a class, can I pay for Open Studio access?

No. Open Studios is only available to currently enrolled adult students.

Can my teen or child attend Open Studios to finish a project?

No. Open Studios are only available to currently enrolled adult students.

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