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Dance Program FAQ

Dance Program Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a typical class size?
For the safety of our students and meeting MA regulation guidelines, in-person dance classes are limited to no more than 10 students and take place primarily in our large 2,000 square ft. performance space. Classes in our smaller dance studio and classroom at John Warren Lodge are limited to just 4 and 8 students per class. Virtual classes are limited to 12. 

My child would love to attend a dance class, but we don't want to attend on-site. Are there any alternative options?
Yes! Students can Zoom into any class that meets in-person. This program was piloted successfully during our Summer session. Please sign-up to join an informational Q&A with Jessica Wilson if you would like to learn more. Sign-up here.

My teen is new to dance, what would be the best class for her to attend?
Thanks for asking. We have a wonderful beginners teen class for students looking to join. Learn more here.

Are payment plans available?
For programs that run 17 and/or 36 weeks, there are payment plans available. When registering for one of those classes, a $50 deposit is required. Once a student’s final dance schedule is determined, the HCA will share with you the payment installment options available to you. 

What are you doing to keep kids safe?
With guidance from the Hopkinton Board of Health, we are limiting class sizes, ensuring daily cleaning, weekly ultraviolet disinfection services, utilizing outdoor areas as weather permits, ensuring that all people respond to a health screening and sign-in procedure, and the use of face coverings. We are also exploring modification to our current HVAC system to further disinfect any pollutants in the air. 

Are masks required during class?
While we are ensuring six (6) or more feet in our classroom spaces, masks are required. Masks can be removed as needed during breaks provided it is for a short period of time and distanced from other people. Our dancers are allowed to go outside or by an open window to remove their mask as recommended by DESE.

Is there a dress code for dance classes?
There is a dress code, but at this time we are not enforcing it. Our goal is to limit the amount of time kids spend in the dressing room/bathrooms. We recommend students arrive in proper dance attire under their street clothes. Once here they can place their street clothes in a designated space. When the temperature is hot, students may join us in their t-shirts and shorts so they don't have to change upon arrival.

I’m a college student who is unable to attend classes on campus this year. Are classes available for me to continue my dance training?
We'd love to help you keep dancing! Please contact Jessica Wilson at jessica@hopartscenter.org to determine the most appropriate classes and create a schedule that works for you.

How challenging are the adult dance classes? What if I can’t keep up?

Adult classes are about moving and having fun. We encourage all students to work at their own pace by modifying classwork for each individual student as needed. Let’s work towards your goals together.

Do you offer private or semi-private dance classes?
Yes. Private and semi-privated dance lessons are offered year-round for all ages. Please contact Jessica Wilson at jessica@hopartscenter.org to find the right instructor for your needs. 

Do students attend dance competitions?
Great question! The HCA dance studio is not a competition school. We provide ample performance opportunities for all of our dancers to perform in recitals, showcases, and productions like The Nutcracker and other dance shows. We also offer master classes with some of the industry's top instructors. Until we can resume performances, we are exploring ways to produce virtual performances for families and friends to watch from home.



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