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About ESL

Enter Stage Left Theater (ESL) is the resident theater of the Hopkinton Center for the Arts. In addition to providing quality theater education for people of all ages, ESL produces up to 12 productions every year. Each season brings a wide-array of theater options to local MetroWest audiences looking for a great affordable theater experience. Starting in November 2015, the majority of ESL productions will take place in the Hopkinton Center for the Arts’ new state-of-the-art performance center.


Auditions for ESL’s plays and musicals take place year-round for older teens and adults. Information is regularly updated on the audition page.


ESL also produces children’s workshops in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. Registration for these popular classes fill-up fast, so early registration is recommended.


Enter Stage Left Theater is a non-profit, full-service community performing arts organization dedicated to promoting quality theatrical programs for all ages.


We believe that theatrical experiences: entertain, enrich, enhance, and enlighten the greater community; instill an appreciation for the arts within the individual which follows that individual to other environs; fosters collaboration between community organizations and broadens the views of audiences through the depiction of human experience and emotion.

Board of Directors

ESL has a seven-member Board of Directors who oversee the administrative and creative decisions of the company.


Kelly Grill
Kelly is an original founder of Enter Stage Left Theater. The group began in the early 80’s at Hopkinton Jr. Sr. High School. She has performed and directed for the group as well as several other theater groups in the Boston area and in California. Kelly has a bachelor’s degree in theater from Providence College, and previously worked as a recruiter for the Bernard Group. An innovative and experienced businesswoman, Kelly implements creative programs and incentives for sponsors and investors, in addition to the production duties she performs.


Paul Champlin, Founder & Vice President
Paul has written, directed, and choreographed several shows for ESL, including an original musical. He’s performed as an actor and cabaret artist all over the Boston area, and has an exceptional talent for directing dramatic plays the theater has presented. Paul’s talent as a writer is evident with ESL Live!I’ll be Seeing You: A Tribute to the USO Shows of the 1940’s, encore performances of which have been requested by many, and other past musical reviews he’s put together. Paul also directed the 48 Hour Film Project in 2009 and 2010 under the team name New Tricks Productions (with Karen Webb and Dawn Anderson), short films which were screened at the Best of Boston film nights both years. A life-long resident of Hopkinton, Paul has a M.S. in psychology from Framingham State College and works for the UMASS Adolescent Psychiatric Unit.


Richard Gazoorian, President
Richard brings many years of business experience to the table. He became involved with ESL as the company photographer, and has been instrumental in many other endeavors since, including key fund raising efforts. You can view Richard’s work at http://www.gazoorianphotography.com/Galleries/Theater.


Sandee Buckley, Clerk
Sandee started stage managing for ESL Theater in 2008. She attended Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts to be trained as a Stage Manager. In recent years, Sandee had the opportunity to put on her Director’s hat with ESL’s productions of Over the River and Through the Woodsand Pride & Prejudice.Sandee currently serves as the Operations Manager for the Hopkinton Center for the Arts.


Denise Laumeister
Denise graduated from Brandeis University with a B.A. in Theater and Education. She served as the director of Waltham Children’s Theater (1977-1980) and taught creative drama in Waltham elementary schools (1982-1990). In the last several years, she’s been a dedicated supporter for ESL Theater serving as director, choreographer, performer, and costumer for several productions. Denise currently works for the Hopedale, MA school system.


Steve Sullivan, Treasurer
Steve has been involved with ESL Theater since he was cast in Anne of Green Gablesas Matthew Cuthbert, his first ever theater role. Since then, he has been in more than thirty ESL productions, acquiring friends and unforgettable memories, and becoming an invaluable supporter of ESL Theater. He joined the board in 2015.


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