The Fairy Tale Courtroom

Directed by Sandee Buckley

Produced through special arrangement with Samuel French. 

The show has been cast! 

A Fairy Tale Courtroom – Cast List

All 3 trials:

Judge               Abigail McFarland

Bailiff               Nate Schneider

Court Clerk         Ambika Nambiar

Case #1: Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf   -  Ally Barry

Little Red Riding Hood   -  Lucy Hudson

District Attorney  - Camden Crum

Boy Who Cried Wolf   -  Malcolm Harris

Little Pig #1   -   Ali Boyer

Little Pig #2   -   Emma Lussier

Little Pig #3  -  Cadence Sanborn

Grandmother  -  Emma Steir

Badger  -  Sadie Wein

Case #2: Trial of Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother

District Attorney   -  Ava Pappalardo

Defense Lawyer   -  Caitlin Graziano

Evil Stepmother   -  Abbie Hardenbrook

 Cinderella  -  Mary-Kate Dougherty

 Anastasia  -   Mary Buckley

 Drizella  -  Teagan Perry

 Fairy Godmother   -    Madeleine Reynolds

 Prince Charming    -  Jack Kelly

Jaq the Mouse  -  Payton Richard                

Sebastian the Crab    -  Bella Rottas

Dalmation #23  -  Jordyn Richard

Lucifer the Cat  -  Natalie Waxman

Case #3: Trial of The Wicked Witch

District Attorney   -  Emma Steir

Defense Lawyer   -  Ally Barry               

Wicked Witch  - Caitlin Graziano

Dorothy     -   Madeline Fitzpatrick

Scarecrow  -  Abbie Hardenbrook

Flying Monkey -   Ali Boyer

Hansel   -   Avi Ghosh

Gretel  -  Kaylee Steir

Magic Mirror  -   Malia Grant

Prince Charming   -   Jack Kelly

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)  -  Anna Churchill

Snow White  -  Meghan Grady

Cinderella  -  Mary-Kate Dougherty

 Seven Dwarves  -  Emma Lussier

                                                               Jordyn Richard

                                                               Payton Richard

                                                               Bella Rottas

                                                               Cadence Sanborn

                                                                Natalie Waxman

                                                                Sadie Wein

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