Hopkinton POS

ESL Theater Season

November 20–22, 2020

When Sally falls asleep while reading books about a certain juvenile wizard, she dreams that she is a student at Frogbull Academy of Sorcery. There she meets Headmaster Albatross Underdrawers, Gamekeeper Ruebenon Ryebread, and Professor Shiftia Shape. But danger is lurking, and it's up to Sally and her new friends Dave and Harmonica to defeat the schemes of the evil Lord Murderdeath. Will she become the hero like the one in her favorite series? And who are the two mysterious Censors who keep rewriting the story as it goes along?

CAST A-specific actors:

Ali Boyer, Raegan Breen, Mary Buckley, Cecilia Deslaurier-Tate, Lila Hartman, Acadia King, Isabella Kopczynski, & Abby McFarland

CAST B-specific actors:

Anna Churchill, Malia Grant, Tori Jackson, Ada Monopoli, Naima Robinson, Cadence Sanborn, Shaela Sansonetti & Samantha Scherer.

** All other performers in this show will appear in all both casts. 


This show will be an ON DEMAND viewing that you will be able to access at your leisure between Friday 11/20/20 - Sunday 11/22/20

$20 per household plus tax/handling fee from Broadway on Demand. Check back here for the link to sign in for On Demand viewing!



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