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Meet Mia Manson  | HCA Dance Student

Please tell me a story about your "HCA moment"—when you think of the HCA, what comes to mind?

When I think of the HCA, the first thing that comes to mind are the experiences I have had here. There are many people and teachers that I was introduced to at the HCA and have had a lot of fun growing closer with the community and faculty. Even with COVID-19 on the rise, the people at the HCA still continued to adapt and progress through these difficult times.

How does dancing in performance make you feel?

Dancing in a performance has always been a joy, even when I was a little kid. It’s always very satisfying and rewarding to hear the applause at the end of your performance. The hours and hours of work that go into the show finally pay off in the end. Of course besides the show there's also the sense of companionship that is created with the others in the performance. Since everyone is accompanying each other on stage, you must be understanding and have a good perspective of those who are beside you. In the case of dancing performance, which is my main forte, you have to stay with the music and make sure to be actively interacting with everyone onstage. Even if this is not spoken dialect you have to be in sync on stage in group work, or create formations at the drop of a hat. Being able to perform on stage is a very valuable experience that can actually teach a person many things.

Do you feel dancing has gotten you through Covid? If so, how?

Dancing has definitely helped me get through COVID, especially for a duration of the school year. My school is a fully virtual experience at the moment, so for a duration of the day I am sitting staring at my computer screen without moving or interacting with anyone at all. Whenever I went to dance, I was able to move around while socializing with friends. Even though the experience was far different than it was before due to social distancing, we were able to push through together. As well as this, dancing has allowed me to keep in shape and stay healthy.

Describe for me the moment when you knew that the HCA is a place you wanted to learn and grow as a dancer. 

I knew HCA was the place that I wanted to learn and grow as a dancer after my first class there. The building was quite well organized and everyone was equally as kind and welcoming as the next.I have always loved dancing, so being able to move to a different location seemed a hard prospect to me at the beginning. However I found quickly that the transition would not be difficult as I felt at home almost right away. When I entered the HCA building for the first time, everyone was so kind. The person at the front desk helped me find my classroom and my friends were waiting for me. Jessica Wilson, who is the director of the ballet program I am participating in at the HCA, has been very understanding of everyone and helped us transition. Right from the first class, I could tell that this was a great place to be.

Mia, have you found great friendships here?  If so, can you tell me about that experience.

I have found friendships at the HCA with many people and deepened some with others. Throughout the COVID experience my friendships with people have developed due to the hardships that have occurred. I have also met some new people at the HCA who are incredibly kind and open. Everyone is always supportive, including the faculty. I feel a sense of companionship with everyone who takes classes with me.


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