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Hca spotlight series instructor

Meet Mirabel
HCA Dance Student

Why is dance important to you? 

Dance lets me express emotions that I don't ever get to express at any other time. It feels good to stretch and use your body, and to use energy, when normally you spend most of your time during the day sitting. I love the way it makes me feel. 

How does it feel when you are performing on stage?

It feels great performing, it's fun to see the audience and to try your best to make them smile and enjoy themselves. It feels very exhilarating to have the lights on you, in your make-up and costume, it feels very magical. It's fun to be up on the stage and have that feeling of "this is the big moment that we've been working for."

Do you feel dancing has gotten you through COVID? If so, how? What is your favorite HCA moment? When you think about your dance training, what story comes to mind?

One of the things that stood out to me was when we were brain-storming how to do the Nutcracker during COVID-19. It was nice to see everyone expressing their thoughts and ideas on how to do something we have done every year, how to keep the tradition going, as it felt wrong not to do it, but how to make it work under the circumstances and constraints. 

What other skills beyond dancing do you feel you gain as part of HCA's dance program?

I have learned how to work as part of a team, not moving on with a piece until everyone has understood the steps, and helping each other to learn it. We have created a community where you feel completely comfortable asking your peers questions about steps, knowing they will never judge you for not knowing.

What are your interest outside of dance?

I am proud of being able to come back and keep dancing, even after a foot injury and a concussion. I am interested in art -- drawing, design, and painting. I also enjoy working with young children. I am interested in movies and many genres of music. I enjoy playing the piano.


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