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Hca spotlight series instructors

Meet Marion
HCA Visual Arts Instructor

Share with us a little bit about yourself and your artistic background: 
Life is basically a huge collection of moments. Sometimes you have no idea how everything will end up tying together —Marion Buricatu had a lot of those moments, and she definitely never expected to enjoy teaching art at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts, where she works with such a diverse group of very talented artists and art teachers. 

Marion was born in France in an artistic family. Academically, she oriented herself towards science. She received a master’s in Geophysics in Paris and worked in the environmental field. In 2001, she moved to the US with her family and decided to try her hand at painting. She took classes with painting teachers before becoming one herself, earned a modern art certificate at the MOMA, became a docent at the Worcester Art Museum and continuously keeps on learning. In 2011, she became a painting teacher where she combines her love for teaching art and art history. 

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
From art techniques to art history, to finding their own voice, Marion loves to accompany her students of all ages in their artistic journey and hopefully creates a lifelong interest in art appreciation, whether they become professional artists or avid connoisseurs.
With her scientific background and artistic skills, she can offer art students different approaches to their art making and help them feel confident in their art projects. As an instructor, Marion is very careful to be considerate of students' desires but able to elevate them to new levels.

What is your favorite "teaching moment" at HCA? A story that really resonates with you? 
Marion had so many "teaching moments"  at HCA and countless stories with her students where her heart felt so proud to be part of her students' artistic journey. The last one was when one of her adult students told her that her favorite day of the week was the day when she had her painting class at HCA. 

Why are places like HCA important? 
Two key words come to mind when answering this question: Community and Learning. Life is all about constant learning, opening ourselves to new experiences and meet new people at any age level. HCA is a community that allows participants to do just that and make new friends. What is better than that? 

Anything else you want to share?
HCA offers to its students love and curiosity about all forms of art, a well-rounded cultured experience. In this environment, Marion is very proud to be part of a team of talented teachers and artists 


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