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Hca spotlight series instructors

Meet Dulcie
HCA Dance Student

Why is dance important to you? 
Dance is something I've done my whole life. It's fun and it makes me feel happy and carefree. It's where I have the strongest friendships and I love the community that I have at HCA. 
What comes to mind? How does it feel when you are performing on stage?
I'm not one of those people that gets an adrenaline rush from performing on stage. I just enjoy being a part of a production, and creating something together that we can all be proud of. I enjoy sharing an accomplishment with a whole cast. 
Why are spaces like HCA important for communities? What is your favorite "HCA dance program" moment? When you think about your training, what comes to mind?
I do not have a specific favorite moment, but I particularly like the final stages of a piece when you have learned the choreography, and you are just polishing it, and you can feel it coming together. You lose the stress of remembering the steps and can just work on improving your dancing and having fun.
What other skills beyond dancing do you feel you gain as part of the HCA's dance program?
Through HCA I have learned how to cooperate and work with a group of people. I have also learned proper etiquette, being respectful and being responsible, toward the teacher and my classmates.
What is an accomplishment you've had as a dancer that you are proud of?
It would be one of encouragement and gratitude: Go get ‘Em Hopkinton Center for Arts!  Besides dance, I love cooking, reading, drawing, and movies. I'm also interested in the cultures of other countries.


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