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Hca spotlight series student

Meet Cordelia
HCA Dance Student

Why is dance important to you? 
I love the artistry and skill required to perform, and find it the perfect combination of strength and style. Dancing let's me do things I would never be able to do otherwise and express myself in a whole new way. I also love how it can make me feel graceful and powerful at the same time.

How does it feel when performing on stage?
Performing is a special way to show off all the hard work you and your peers have put into making your dance beautiful. It is a bonding experience with your friends and can be so rewarding. 

What is your favorite HCA moment? When you think about your dance training, what comes to mind?  
One of my favorite memories from dance was learning "Snow" from the Nutcracker with some of my friends. I had to stay late after class to do it, but I was always so happy. It was challenging and much hardwr than any other dane I had ever done and I loved pushing myself to do better every time.



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