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Hca spotlight series student

Meet Colleen
HCA Student Theater Director

How did you get involved at the HCA?
I got involved in the HCA through Enter Stage Left Theater (ESL). I have been acting with ESL Theater ever since I was in kindergarten. My Aunt Sandee working with ESL was the original reason why my family chose to do acting through ESL, but I’ve been involved with the HCA ever since it originally partnered with ESL.  

What is your current role at the HCA?
Earlier in 2021 I worked at the front desk of the HCA, along with being head counselor in the summer and working for Enter Stage Left Theater as the Director of the Spring play production. I'll be back as a theater instructor for Summer 2022.

What is your favorite HCA moment?
My favorite moment at the HCA is always sitting at the desk and seeing people leaving the HCA always so happy. A lot of time kids are leaving and talking to each other. After COVID, it’s really nice to see the socializing and hearing the funny stories from across the desk. 

What has been the most surprising part of your experience at the HCA?
I think the thing that has surprised me the most is how much I’ve learned while being at the HCA in the last year and a half working at the front desk. I never thought that a high school job would be this awesome or educational. I’ve learned way more about data entry, socializing more with different types of people, and learning to be adaptive with the various tasks I’ve had to do. 

Tell me a little about your background.  Are you an artist yourself?  Or an art-appreciator?
I dabble in the fine arts, crochet, bracelet making, painting, etc, but I am mostly a theater person. I have been acting since I was about 5 years old, so approaching 14 years, and have done well beyond 30 plays with many times having a featured or leading role. Many times I found myself in the role of a villain, but they are always the most fun characters to play! During my high school years I did not act in any plays, but was able to be an Assistant Director for a number of productions. This past spring was my first time being the head director. It was an amazing experience being the final decision maker with casting, blocking, designing things. It was awesome!

What are your plans after High School graduation?
I will attend Worcester Polytech Institute in September as a double major in Physics and Mechanical engineering along with doing the teachers certification for physics. I’m planning on doing the theater club they have at WPI and look forward to being back on stage! I’ve always loved the arts and plan on whatever job I do after graduation to apply the creative and adaptive skills I have acquired through doing so much with the arts. 


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