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Arts in Bloom 2020

November 13—December 19, 2020
We are excited to announce our fifteenth annual Arts in Bloom show to be juried by Marie Craig, director of Fountain Street Gallery, awarded Best of Boston in 2019. Arts in Bloom is a competitive juried annual show open to all artists. Marie will choose the artwork to be exhibited, and will also select six outstanding works for awards. These artworks will be honored with fresh flower arrangements designed by Hopkinton Garden Club members. The six winning artists will also receive cash prizes totaling over $1,000.

The Theme:
Renewal. Birth. Rebirth. New growth.
New terrain. Openness. Seeing with fresh eyes. Old things new again.
First times. Dawn. Life.

Congratulations to these artists, whose work will be in the Lotvin Gallery November 13 - December 19.

Sarah Alexander, Sweet Victory
Neeta Annaldasula, A New Beginning
Lisa Bailey, Classic Wings
Lissa Banks, Zhenya
Thadd Blizzard, Printemps Joyeux
Chelsea Bradway, Rise  and Balloon
Susan Clarke, TWEET!
Kristin Conant, Kansas Wedding (two parts)
Jean Cummiskey, Running River
Sandra Delbridge, Home Within A House
Richard Fotland, Charles River Sunset
Max Francis, A Colorful Day
Bonnie Frederico, Birds Nest and Pussywillows
Dina Gjertsen, Conversion
Gints Grinbergs, Queen Anne's Lace and Bicycle Queen
Anne Harney, Born Again
Maria Celeste Linardi, Reflection Of Hope
Madeleine Lord, Ancestor and After The Bees Visit
Pat Mattina, Last Flower: Daisy and 1962
Michele Mendelson, Flower Weaving #42
Janet Montecalvo, Sunset On The Marsh
Kat O'Connor, Fair Suitors
Mai Mai Pietrowski, Pink Flowers
Judith Robichaud, Three Pigeons 2
Cheryl Rose, Searching
Katalinia Savola, Hoping For A New Turn
John Sherffius, New Terrain
Robyn Thompson Duong, Grace
Richard Tranfaglia, Nauset Light Beach Sunrise—2019
Wendy Trucheon, Ruby-throated Hummingbird and Pee Gee Hydrangea Flower
Anouk J Van Opstal, Stained Glass Roses and Behind The Blue Door
Cathy Weaver Taylor, New Growth
Louise Winant, Little War

Thank You To Our Premiere Sponsor: Weston Nurseries


Thank You To Our Events Sponsors:

About What's Going On (Online here)

July 22 - August 31, 2020

The artworks and writings of artists from all over the US have been selected for this powerful show. About What's Going On is a virtual exhibit that speaks to both the lived and felt experience of the pandemic, the upsurge of consciousness of racism, our conflicted politics, both our private and public lives and yes, the signs of hope.

Congratulations to Maundy Mitchell, Jean Cummiskey, John Judge, and Richard Germaine for their prize-winning artworks!

> View the show here.


HopArt 2020 (Online here)

Check out highlights from Hopkinton High School’s annual end-of-year student art show here! Chosen from over 200 paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, ceramics, collages, digital artworks, fashion, and graphic designs, this booklet showcases 55 artworks. HCA Director Kris Waldman selected the images for the catalog, struck by their honesty, clarity, and execution. This body of student work is remarkable for its reflections on self, society and politics, and the ineffable beauty in our world. Congratulations to the students and teachers at HHS!

HHS Honors Show (Online here)

"The Space is The Place" by Linnea Pappas Byers

We are disappointed that we can not host the HHS Honors Exhibit in our gallery this year, but are pleased to share work created by nine of the school's most dedicated student artists HERE! 



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