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The Show Must Go Online! | August 7

Produced by Beat by Beat Press.

A frazzled Drama teacher sends a video message to her students from her home office, announcing that their production of Brushes With Greatness: The Dental Hygiene Musical has been canceled! She tries to hang up, but accidentally leaves the camera running, as she receives a phone call from the principal who tells her: without the musical, the drama program will be shut down! So the kids pull together to present a virtual original musical performance to save their drama program!

Patrons wishing to view this play are asked to purchase the same amount of tickets for family/friends viewing this performance that you would if you were attending the performance live in our theater. The performance will be presented Friday August 7 at 7:00 pm via a private Zoom webinar link which will be provided to ticket holders one hour in advance. 

In an effort to help support Enter Stage Left Theater and the Hopkinton Center for the Arts during this unprecedented time, please consider purchasing an "extra" ticket as a donation . We deeply appreciate the support, and can't wait until we are all able to gather for live performances!

Tickets: $15 General Admissions, $10 for students. NEW! 10% off for Members!

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Annaliese Berry, Ali Boyer, Alanna Cameron, Matt Cook, Lila Hartman, Nina Hartman, Julia Hoffmaster, Katy Jackson, Tory Jackson, Acadia King, Ella Moorehead, Samantha Scherer, Nate Schneider, Poppy Trendel. 


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