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Teen Advisory Board

About the Hopkinton Center for the Arts Teen Advisory Board (TAB) 

The Hopkinton Center for the Arts is excited to promote a new opportunity for student leaders of our area who are eager to share their enthusiasm for the arts: HCA Teen Advisory Board. 

The purpose of the HCA Teen Advisory Board program is to give students the tools and opportunities to advocate, organize and campaign for a cause that they are passionate about: nonprofit arts & arts education. 

The curriculum of the HCA TAB experience will allow participants to volunteer and support the growth of a nonprofit organization in their community. Activities will be focused on leadership and teambuilding, critical thinking, and community organizing. Students will identify goals for their activism and learn to take action on them through the guidance and mentorship of community leaders on the Hopkinton Center for the Arts Board of Directors and staff of the HCA. The HCA TAB serves to promote the vision of the HCA as a regional cultural destination–where passions emerge and the creative spirit thrives, through student leadership and voice. Students selected for service on the HCA TAB will support the important mission of the HCA: to celebrate art through classes and events in visual art, theater, music, dance, ceramics, writing, and film. 

HCA TAB Core Principle 

Young people are capable of acquiring the tools, skills, and resources to become active and engaged participants in their communities to promote the arts. 

TAB participants will: 

  • Participate in educational experiences: we aim to teach our participants about nonprofits and how they work, and about the HCA in particular. 
  • Meet virtually once a week and/or in-person (currently virtually) once a month to learn about non profit organizations, and more specifically, the HCA. 
  • Participate in leadership training, explore issues in their communities, develop community organizing skills, and coordinate events to educate (and mentor) their peers and younger students. Students will come to listen to and appreciate one another’s experiences, perspectives, and ideas. They learn to identify shared problems and common goals. 
  • Develop confidence and leadership skills. 
  • Learn how to design their own campaigns and advocate for current HCA efforts (including fundraising and event planning) 
  • Develop agency and future commitment to community service and social responsibility. 
  • More Details about the HCA TAB: 
  • All students who are in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th/Post Grad and who are committed to the vision and mission of the HCA are invited to apply for a board position. ● Applications due 3/15/2021. Students will be asked to interview with adult advisors for TAB prior to acceptance
  • Students selected for the Board will make a 1 Calendar Year Commitment (April to April)- some exceptions may be made, based on specific situations 
  • All Teen Advisory Board members have a financial commitment (through individual and group fundraising efforts) - $350 yearly 
  • A time commitment to volunteer hours - minimum of 4 hours each quarter (16 hours/year) + monthly attendance TAB meetings or HCA Board meetings (held virtually currently, via Zoom) 
  • A time commitment to leading a group of young, junior arts ambassadors - Advisory Board would meet with their junior arts ambassadors twice per semester (with potential for additional service hour opportunities) 
  • A commitment to be involved in committees where there is mentorship from current board committee members and participation in meetings of these committees or of a larger board meeting: Advisory Board members would be asked to commit to 1-2 committees . 


APPLY TODAY! Raise your voice for the HCA! 

Hopkinton Center for the Arts: Teen Advisory Board (google.com)



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